Bespoke home designs that feature innovation

Some of our concrete projects include:

- Bathroom vanities
- Kitchen countertops
- Fireplace surrounds
- Decorative tiles
- Vessel sinks
- Integral sinks
- Concrete bars
- Furniture
- Hearths
- Concrete floors


Are you looking for neoclassical or refined interior design options for your home or workplace? Grey Inspirations uses concrete to honor all aesthetics.

We operate a full management process that sees the customer’s vision transformed into a reality. Our team of designers and tradesmen provide practical solutions and expert advice so that your concrete designs are what you envisioned and more.


The Wabi - Sabi Thing

Concrete that combines form and function.

Concrete is a durable material that can be manipulated and personalized according to your aesthetic. It adds a degree of complexity to your home or workplace which is bound to capture the attention of guests. Other reasons you should incorporate concrete into your next home project include:

It’s easy to maintain.

We adequately stain, seal and polish our concrete so that it’s easy to maintain going forward. It simply requires a quick clean which means that it’s a great choice for homeowners with pets. It’s extremely durable, so future repairs or professional maintenance isn’t required.

It adds texture.

Texture adds interest and visual artistry to your home. Contrast your hard-wearing surface with natural materials, such as wood, for the ultimate textural effect.

It has an industrial edge.

Concrete has an industrial edge, yet still holds many fashionable qualities. It can be used to seamlessly integrate rooms in open concept applications or to make large spaces appear less airy. Since concrete is a liquid stone, you can embed it with other stones or colored glass for an industrial terrazzo effect.

The wabi-sabi approach to interior design.

Grey Inspirations draws upon the Japanise wabi-sabi design technique when conducting concrete designs. Wabi-sabi interior design values the Earth and natural materials in an attempt to accentuate authenticity and originality.

The underlying principle is that nature is a reminder of passing time and a testament to the fact that beauty grows and transitions with it.

Concrete capitalizes on raw textures and organic hues which wabi-sabi interior design focuses on.

To incorporate wabi-sabi interior design into your concrete designs, call us today.