Rose Concrete Dining Table

This elegant dining table features a unique design and bespoke hand-made construction, making each piece just a little bit special. Constructed with refined charcoal-grey polished concrete, this is a true centrepiece for any indoor space. Featuring a highly durable finish that is both water and stain-resistant, this is a beautiful dining table that is built to last. A great deal of thought has gone into the design, ensuring that it’s eco-friendly, breathable (so it can handle the ambient temperature of the room) and ages beautifully. Available in a wide range of sizes.

Product details;

  • Large concrete table Dining table

  • Handcrafted for you

  • Elegant

  • Constructed with refined charcoal-grey polished concrete

  • Silky-smooth polished concrete surface

  • The finish is highly durable, stain and water resistant

  • The dining table is available in a huge range of colors and sizes

  • All tables are suitable for indoor use

  • Classic design

  • Modern look

Our maximum size is 3m x 1.1m

3000 mm L x 1100 mm W x 700 mm H | 50 mm H Top

Weight - 60-150 kg 

*Other sizes available

*Seating from 6 to 12 people